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General Terms and Conditions

    In order to offer participants a fair equivalent value for their contribution to projects Harris Interactive AG has developed a special remuneration method. For each participation you receive E-Points which our partners will exchange for bonus prizes in the form of commodities.

    In return, we expect fair play from our participants according to the following rules (General terms and conditions):

  1. On registering, each tester shall bindingly accept the general terms and conditions displayed.

    These general terms and conditions shall form the basis of the contractual relationship. Harris Interactive AG reserves the right to reject testers even following completion of the registration process.

  2. Harris Interactive AG shall confer points (E-Points) for participation in surveys.

    The number of E-Points for a project shall be determined by Harris Interactive AG according to the project and shall be deemed binding for all participating testers. Entitlement to remuneration other than the exchange of E-Points for bonus prizes does not exist.

  3. Should more than the required number of testers fulfil the selection criteria then the selection will be carried out randomly.

    The number of E-Points collected does not affect the selection.

  4. Entitlement to participation in projects within a certain time period does not exist.

  5. The current incentive partners have partially been co-operating with Harris Interactive AG for several years.

    Co-operating partners may change without notice, in which case Harris Interactive AG shall make reference to this on the website as soon as possible.

  6. The exchange of E-Points for bonus prizes below the 100 point level is not possible due to the high administrative costs.

    Harris Interactive AG shall not exclude any participants from projects because of their account balance.

  7. The collection of points is only possible through participation in projects.

    Other possibilities (e.g. raising the account balance by means of cash payment) do not exist.

  8. When ordering the bonus prize, our partners require the name and delivery address.

    You are responsible for the submission or release of these personal details yourself. Harris Interactive AG does not pass on personal data to third parties.

  9. Harris Interactive AG reserves the right to exclude any testers who are found to have deliberately falsified

    the results of a project, e.g. by incorrectly transmitting details during the registration or a test as well as by means of multiple registrations using different e-mail addresses or by passing on their password to third parties. Damage resulting from the behaviour of the tester shall be offset against his E-Points collected hitherto. Harris Interactive AG expressly reserves the right to make claims for further damages.

  10. The tester understands the confidential nature of the project.

    The tester commits to keep all the information obtained during the course of the project confidential. In particular, he commits to neither store any information obtained during the course of the project nor to pass such information on to third parties, nor discuss such information with any other third party, including family members and friends.

    The product ideas, to which the tester may be introduced in the course of a project, may be experimental and might therefore have new and confidential product features. Furthermore, the information the tester receives about the products, may be confidential. The tester understands that the obligation of confidentiality extends beyond the end of the project.

    Your confidentiality agreement does not apply to product information or other information that has already been published or has become public for reasons you cannot be held responsible for. The tester understands that part of the attribution of E-Points represents a value that is awarded to him/her in exchange of the present obligation of confidentiality.

  11. A renewed registration takes place once a year in order to keep your details up to date.

    All testers are notified of this by e-mail. Should testers not re-register within three months after receiving the email, it will be taken as a notification that they no longer wish to participate. The contractual relationship between the tester and Harris Interactive AG shall thereby be deemed as terminated. All details shall thereupon be deleted from our databases in their entirety. Collected E-Points lose their validity.

  12. Cookies

    Cookies are tiny text files, which are saved within the browser of the user. They are used to store information such as what pages of our site are visited. We use cookies in order to improve our service and to store information that are relevant for our market research. We are using cookies from our own site as well as cookies from partner companies (the so called “Third-Party-Cookies”). In any case, we guarantee to protect your personal information and to pass on only anonymized.

  13. Other than that, the provisions of the German Civil Code shall apply.

    In the event of one clause of these general terms and conditions of Harris Interactive AG being void, it shall be substituted by a provision in compliance with the economic purpose of the agreement. The place of jurisdiction shall be the domicile of Harris Interactive AG.

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    If you have any questions or comments, please send an e-mail to Mrs. Anne-Marie Horgan, our data security representative who will be glad to assist you.